Pringles ︎︎︎ Not a waste of space.

Visit Lake District ︎︎︎ Where your body belongs.

Open University ︎︎︎ Lesson’s for those who’ve learnt theirs.

Carling ︎︎︎ Lager for drinking. Not tasting.

Vespa ︎︎︎ Stop cars ruining your outfits.

Walkers Ready Salted ︎︎︎ Life’s spicy enough.

Sims︎︎︎ One life you can control

Comedy Central ︎︎︎ If laughter is good for you. It’s the healthiest thing on TV.

Reebok ︎︎︎ The best way to protect your Nike’s.

Daz ︎︎︎ Makes clothes re-wearable (anti-fast fasion)

Toyota Prius ︎︎︎ So good it doesn’t have to be.

Vimto ︎︎︎ Drink like your life no longer depends on water.